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How beautiful are sex dolls now?

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How beautiful are sex dolls now?The following is a detailed explanation.

If it is not said that it is a sex doll, there is no difference to think that a beauty of somewhere takes a pose after all.

sex doll

This sex doll is a perfect figure of golden ratio with a face like a truly immortal fairy.

Nowadays sex dolls are not only real faces, but if you look closely, you can see that there are pores, muscles, redness, and wrinkles on the joints, and of course there are also real look-alike models.

Silicon and TPE materials are used to recreate a high level of human flesh, while biomimetic bone joints are used to unlock sex dolls for a variety of poses.

sex doll

Chest, foot and eye sensors are built in, touch and press, can make the sexy female voice, and can easily talk to each other, more fun than real human interaction.

The heating function makes the sex doll even more human warmth, and it is a beautiful bride who will warm your bed during the cold winter.

I have to say that silicon is good, and TPE is good.

Now you can make a high quality sex doll with a elastic touch similar to muscle. This put an end to the "inflatable doll era", when image was a concern.

sex doll

Of course she can't do the laundry, cook or give birth for you.

But you don't have to buy bags, clothes, gifts, etc.

And to get such a sex doll, it costs only 1 computer fee!

If you have a love doll, you don't need to go to the free information desk.

With coronavirus, if you interact with too many people you don't know, you may get sick.

sex doll

Here is one piece of advice. Some corrupt people put beautiful photos, and the price is very cheap, sent out the inferior goods, even inflatable dolls, can not see.

It is not wrong to want cheap things, but if you only want cheap things, you will lose money.

Especially sex dolls.

In general, the quality of sex dolls from long-established brands and major stores on the Internet is not bad.

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